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Breakfast award 2019

Breakfast award 2019


October 8, 2019
Breakfast award 2019


Level of satisfaction and happiness: immense!


“For the ability to create a welcoming and familiar environment with a proposal linked to the excellence of the territory enhanced in all their aspects, Casa Marzapane from Chieti wins 2019 Breakfast Award for the non-hotel category”


Before the house was opened to travelers from all over the world, every Sunday morning my family and I spent more than two hours in the kitchen having breakfast, the mocha was always ready to fill our cups during that moment of intimate chats, yawns and smiles.

This was exactly what I wanted to happen during the breakfasts of Casa Marzapane guests and over time I saw people sipping cappuccinos and tea enjoying the scents and sounds of the countryside; many with a book, others chatting, others still leaning on the backs of chairs with their eyes closed in the sun.

The prize was an immense satisfaction! But even more, the greatest satisfaction is when the guests ask me for another cup of coffee just to enjoy that moment as if time had stopped for breakfast.